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Oh I want that vampire trex now! :) Neat job of both letting people get inspired to animate but also warn that it won't be easy.. but rewarding :D .

This is awesome idea and execution.. makes me thrilled to the very end. :)

dovabear forever!!! LOL elcor troops, that one actually I want to see in the real game xD .

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It is an almost excellent game with great atmosphere. But it fall short in the end. What do I mean?

First, to get the best ending you need to actually goes against the mechanic, to actually let things tears apart. It is not even something 'oh I never think of it!' It... would be rewarding if the talk about AI brings something twisted instead the best ending, because our 'friendly' AI have been abusing the crews to get information.

Second, there is no aftermath to the ending, whichever the ending you get. You just see earth regardless whatever happens. No aftermath words, no... nothing. The replay value is not in getting the ending, the replay value is in seeing all possible discussions by breaking the rocket over and over.

This brings the same critic people have with mass effect 3 I guess, for story so great in player communicating with the life-like NPCs and cinematic events, it end with static images.

Neverthless, I applaud of the artwork, music, and sound in the game that give a very good atmosphere. And glorious writing! I can't create one like this!


sexy looking badass characters :)

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I use this song on my painting timelapse: http://youtu.be/LDSOU0eAV1g
Thanks for the great remix!

probably the most memorable song you make Hania :)

I like it!

akoRn responds:

thanks man :D

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hello fellow plagueling! :D

frozen-scumbag responds:

Hello :D


I love the colors you use especially those reflected on water. One minor thing is the water looks more like satin than water.

I like it

At first I though it is a texture play, but the descriptions woe me. When I see the art, what I feel is both of awe and a pity. Awe of flying, pity of the cold 'conrete'.

I found it funny how common people reacts to art that show distinction with other arts while originality is in the eyes of beholder. Every art, is replicating others, because they actually originate to what we percieves, either with ears, eyes, nose, etc.

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

And our noses are not original. ;)

Imagination. A strange occurrence on the mind that make artists fly, entrepreneurs success, flowers dance, and sun smiling. I am one who live inside imagination, the misfit that wish to brings you to world of color, of childhood wonders, of possibilities.

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