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Imagination. A strange occurrence on the mind that make artists fly, entrepreneurs success, flowers dance, and sun smiling. I am one who live inside imagination, the misfit that wish to brings you to world of color, of childhood wonders, of possibilities.

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rosedragoness's News

Posted by rosedragoness - February 18th, 2014

It is coming...



Posted by rosedragoness - April 20th, 2010

raaaaaaaaaaawrr! The title is flightless dragons and you will help three different dragons passing obstacles.. by clicking the obstacles =) .

in development: box2d puzzle!

Posted by rosedragoness - January 10th, 2010

tealy + tamagochi. Just a 'quick' game while me busy back and forth to hospital for my lil brother.

tealgochi WIP


Posted by rosedragoness - January 3rd, 2010


I'm currently working on a box2d platformer temporarily titled money tree. It is about collecting coins and deposit it to the tree as symbol of everyday life of a man and his struggles with... money. The gameplay focus on trying to go up to gather the coins while handling obstacles like stacked crates, slippery rocks, and rotating planks.

I'm collaborating with a genius programmer nicked sketchbookgames for this one but honestly I don't have a lot of confidence for this game.

Because I never make a platformer game. In fact, I never make games that are not point and click. So if you guys and girls on newgrounds have some spare time, would you give me some suggestions? And tell me what platform games you love.

Oh and another thing, my cutesy point and click game find tealy 2 is here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

Do you have suggestions for a platformer game?

Posted by rosedragoness - November 23rd, 2009


Here is the most time-taking game I developed. It took me a whole month to design, draw, and code it and another month to clean bugs, polish, and waiting for sponsors bid. The game have through some painful processes, from adding 100+ stuffs after it finished, to change quiet a lot of stuffs.

The game also quiet a bet for me, usually I make very short games that hold small values for players, this one is quiet long-- perhaps will take 30 minutes to one hour to solve without walkthrough. There are opportunities from 'the big guys' if this game success, and if this one fail, perhaps it would be a lot harder to gain theirs trust.

One thing that most exciting for me on making this game is putting references to various games I love. I have to ask the authors first, and not all of them was close to me. All those developers given approval though and we start to develop or tighten friendship :) .

My longest escape game: hotel catastrophe

Posted by rosedragoness - November 12th, 2009

Another game from me! The idea of this one suddenly came and I just make it straight away while the idea forming into a proper game and puzzles creating themselves ;) . An poof, in a day 'Find Tealy!' is born (though most of the graphics already done days before for another game).

What is more surprising is, based on comments around linkblogs, people seems to love this little five minutes tea break. And now time for the Tealies to hit newgrounds and let see how newgrounds user think of it. Perhaps I won't see it percieved as good as in those linkblogs, since Find Tealy! is a cute harmless game, I think you boys prefer a bloody game eh? ;)

You can play find tealy here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

Excitment of 'Find Tealy!'

Posted by rosedragoness - October 19th, 2009

Ok, here another room escape game from me. My experiment is to make it open-ended and allow you to 'skip some puzzles'. The comments at the moment doesn't sound too good but well.. learning! :D

Let me know what do you think!


Imagination Escape is here!

Posted by rosedragoness - October 3rd, 2009

Currently I'm polishing a game for Casual Gameplay Design Competition #6. Can't say much but here a spoiler picture.

Another incoming game!

Posted by rosedragoness - September 24th, 2009

Probably in a month or less I will have another game. This one took me a month to make and another week to polish. It currently on bidding process and I need to wait to maximalize the sponsorship cash ;) .

The game is an escape game, where you are a guy inside a hotel room that worry about his family after an odd explosion happened. The goal is to reach floor one and seek the family, though in the way everything inside the hotel seems to be against the man.

Here is a spoiler picture..

hold on there!

Posted by rosedragoness - August 15th, 2009

You can get it here, complete with usage guidelines: http://www.aorchard.com/node/843

Actually I feel all worry when releasing this sourcecode.. but maybe.. nothing bad will happens. Hopefully...

The next game code, I try to make it more tidy and making a copy of one just for share purpose. So I don't have to release full codes and it will be more organized :) .